Beginning Oct. 1, 2018, Our Corporate Transcription Department (Birch Creek Communications) and our Legal Transcription Department (Kendall Creek Communications) will be operating under one entity - KENDALL CREEK COMMUNICATIONS, INC.

Please go to to process your application for both corporate and legal transcription positions.This Website will also accept orders for both corporation and legal transcription.

Our independent contractors adhere closely to the requirements of our clients, and we offer the highest quality in terms of completeness and accuracy of information, turnaround time, and special instructions.

Our clients can be sure they are receiving the best service available at the most competitive price.  We take great pride in our client relationships and look forward to providing exceptional service. We work with clients both domestically and abroad. 

Check out our services page to see how Birch Creek Communications can be of assistance to your company. 

Researchers, editors and transcribers seeking independent contractor work with a solid, reputable company, can learn more by visiting our employment page.